Great Wines under $20

Throughout the course of the year we sample a lot of inexpensive wines.  In reality the average consumer spends around $15 per bottle of wine.  Trust me, we get to taste Grand Cru and Reserve levels as well but really the under $20 wine is a big part of the industry.  I would say we scrutinize the $12 Sonoma Cabernet as much as the $75 Napa Cabernet.  For the under $20 offer we wanted to not only showcase these wines current vintage but also wanted to show how these have been favorites of ours for many years now.  The wines in this price category have been showing a lot of quality and consistency so it has been really exciting to see their progress over the last 10 years.  We are offering a great little Italian Pinot Grigio, a red table wine from Portugal, a fun Rhone Village wine and a sexy little Syrah from California.  Please review these options and keep an eye out for more great value wines that we will be offering in the future.  Cheers!