It’s Finally Rosé Season

When I first started in this industry I was confused on why it was so hard it was to sell Rosé wine.  The South Texas weather and food are such an ideal pairing for this light and fun wine.  What I found out was that a lot of guys didn’t like pink wine and most people thought it was sweet like White Zinfandel.  Then a few years ago two brands really helped the consumer realize that it is a serious wine.  Whispering Angel and Miravel (owned by Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie) were the category leaders and in fact Rosé wines have been growing at such a rapid pace over the last 5 years that most wineries struggle to keep up with the demand.

Right now it’s such a great time of year to drink Rosé wine.  The days are a little longer which allows for a beautiful sunset and the ability to sit outside while sipping a light and crisp Rosé .  In all actually Rosé wines are great all year long.  While a majority of consumers are drinking more Rosé wine they tend to stop around labor day.  I love to drink them in the fall but they are exceptional with Holiday foods from November thru Easter.  I will have other Rosé wines in offers throughout the year but I wanted to get a jump on a few cool ones that just had their 2017 vintages released.  Enjoy these with friends!