What We Like to Drink

For our first offer we wanted to showcase some of our favorite wines from 2017.  These wines really stood out last year and we bought some of them to share with you.  These are classic in their style and are outstanding for their costs.  Scott and I love Asian cuisine so a German Riesling was an easy pick since it is a great pairing for spicy Thai food.   I like to open a bottle of Burgundy when I have had a great week, the Drouhin is a great example of how an old world Chardonnay should taste.  I grew up in Portland Oregon so usually a Willamette Valley wine will be my go to on most occasions.  With so many great wineries up there it was hard to pick a favorite but the Evening Land really stood out because of the earthiness.  Italy has so many great wines and styles to offer so that was harder to narrow down.  Luckily I remembered how great this Brunello is from earlier in the year and snagged the last few bottles.  Cenyth was always on my radar due to the partnership of two women and their dream to carry on their fathers work.  Plus it’s a great bottle of wine!  As you can see each one of these wines are special to us and are so very good that we wanted to offer them to you as a great way to launch the website.  There are very limited quantities so I don’t expect them to last until the end of the week.  Please enjoy and I am excited about the next offer coming up in two weeks.